March 5, 2020 | doors at 8:30pm
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Triple Ds presents:
Motherfucker | More | Tiny Scissors
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LOVELORN is a Philly band featuring husband & wife Anna & Patrick Troxell formally of CREEPOID. They play self proclaimed Drugpop.
The only introduction Motherfucker (Athens, GA) and their album Confetti need is the kind that includes access to your stereo and roughly half an hour of your time. Forget the headphones. Don't bother to roll the windows down. Leave the doors wide open.

They formed initially as a scheme to play a local festival with the concept of an unknown and outrageously confident band that would only play once. So, claiming the wildly abrasive name, Erika Rickson (drums), Erica Strout (guitar), and Mandy Branch (bass) quickly assembled a set of what they called “punch-in-the-air” rock. Then, after that initial audience was fully whelmed and subsequent bookings came at a ridiculously frenzied pace, they went whole hog into owning it fully. And good thing for us they did because it's a damn rare thing these days for a band to have a name on the outside of a record that equals the shock and awe of what's inside.

Although Confetti certainly has that new record smell to it, it's still a slippery thing. Try to pin it to a hardcore tradition and you'll fail instantly. Neither is it nailed to the surly Chicago school of 1990s rock to which the band has been compared so many times. What's ultimately distilled here is the work of three individuals who have sweated through multiple bands over the last 15 years until they finally got fed up to the point of blast time.
Atlanta's heavy psych outfit Abby GoGo formed in 2005 and went on hiatus in 2014, with original members/twin brothers Bon and Jon Allinson geographically parting ways—Jon eventually moving to Pensacola and Bon making music in his spinoff A Drug Called Tradition. Abby GoGo reunited to release its long-impending sophomore album A Perfect Whatever (via Psych Army in 2018) and Jon relocated to Atlanta in April 2019. After that, it was time to put Abby GoGo to bed.

A reformed Abby GoGo, MORE emerges from the remnants of the finally defunct outfit with members Jon Allinson (guitar/vox), Bon Allinson (guitar/bass/vox), and new addition Jimmy Eastwood (drums). While it may seem like MORE is merely a slightly tweaked version of Abby GoGo (same bros, different drummer), it’s a deeper change than that. What originally began as a musical outlet for Jon during his time in Pensacola became the means for the band’s growing pains that the old formula could no longer sustain. MORE branches out in new formulas and new methods, exploring its new rendition of straight shoegaze with post-punk edge, ultimately pulling away from the wandering meanders of psych rock and the middle-of-the-road pop sensibilities of ‘60s rock that Abby GoGo became so comfortable with. MORE debuted with live shows in Atlanta in fall 2019 and is working towards recording its first release due out next year.