September 14, 2019 | doors at 9:00pm
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Triple Ds presents:
Sister Sai | Mirth of Moon | Brainworlds
Sisterwife Tape Release!
  • $8
  • $8
David Norbery has spent the past decade exploring glossy pop, synth ambience, field recording collage, and everything in between. His debut as Sisterwife arrives in the form of an eponymous cassette via Past Now Tomorrow records. Painstakingly recorded entirely in Norbery's carriage house apartment, the tape explores cryptic ruins illuminated mainly by guitar and voice -- landscapes of ash, smoke, snow, iron, blood, bone, and memory. Each cassette includes lyrics and a download, and will be specially-priced for the show.
Sister Sai
My name is Saira (pronounced sī’ rǝ), and I am a multi-instrumentalist, visual artist, and librarian living in Decatur, GA. My life experiences are a very unusual hodgepodge that feed what feels like a constant identity crisis. I try to resolve that crisis through my music and art, and in this way, my work entails influences from my desi heritage, a tumultuous spiritual journey, a very unfocused intellectual curiosity, and the lessons I have learned from love and loss. In addition to solo work, I also record and perform with 10th Letter.
Mirth of Moon
Mirth of Moon is the current solo project of Atlanta musician/producer Jake Thomson (Breathers, Wowser Bowser, Semicircle). Drawing inspiration from the playful, sardonic songwriting of Steely Dan, Gary Wilson, and Todd Rundgren - as well as Yellow Magic Orchestra's calculated blend of electronic and acoustic instrumentation - Thomson attempts to establish a link between the inherent anxieties of a social media-obsessed society and the perpetual need to fill our ears with any and all forms of sound.
As Brainworlds, Atlanta based guitarist Mason Brown works to envelop the listener in sheets of meditative sound and delve deep into the subconscious to explore the hidden relationships between the micro and the macro. Devoid of the constraints of time and gravity, the music of Brainworlds floats in the metaphysical realm where mind and universe coalesce.