August 8, 2019 | doors at 8:30pm
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Tight Bros. Network presents:
Upchuck | Rude Dude & Creek Freaks
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The King Khan and BBQ Show
The King Khan & BBQ Show are BACK, this time as the 'Bad News Boys'
they originally wanted to be, the moniker and album title was the
actual original name of the band circa 2003. Too late to actually
change the name, they've lived through about every misspelling and
rearrangement of the current name, possible. And, although confusing
to reviewers and 'fans', there are two guys in the band, both writing,
performing and singing:

Arish 'King' Khan: guitar, vocals. His voice is the 'snottier' one.
His guitar is the 'lead' one.

Mark 'BBQ' Sultan: drums, guitar, vocals. His voice is the 'smooth'
one. His guitar is the 'rhythmic' one. The drums are played live with
his feet.

'Bad News Boys' is the band's 4th studio album, their latest since
2009's acclaimed 'Invisible Girl'. The boys had previously broken up
in 2010 after a taxing stretch, culminating in an invite by Lou Reed
to play the Sydney Opera House. There was a public (internet) break-up
and freak-out, which carried over into the week after, in Asia. Words
were said, brothers fought like brothers. It was the end of a stretch
which brought the band all over North America, playing festivals like
'Coachella', starting side-projects like 'Almighty Defenders' (with
brothers 'Black Lips), touring Europe, Israel, Brazil, gaining legions
of devoted fans internationally, and kick-starting the whole 'doo-wop
punk' bullshit movement that still goes on today, without much credit.

This is rock'n'roll. This is punk. This is early r&b. This is psych.
This is doo-wop. This is garage. It's all this and more, without
trying to be anything.

A misconception of the band is that they play a bunch of instruments,
which are then overdubbed to get a particular sound in 'the studio'.
The truth is that they record live. Their 'studio' usually an
apartment, or in this case, basement, and they are armed mostly with a
4-track cassette recorder. Their ethos is punk. Their mission is to
revere rock'n'roll -- the real stuff -- enough, so that they are
permitted to invoke its spirits and ghosts using magick, using their
raw soul -- for good or for bad -- to evoke the smells and feelings
that confuse and delight.

'The King Khan & BBQ Show' is a real band. Sure, their sense of humour
is dirty, often surreal, potentially subversive. But the seriousness
of their love of real rock'n'roll should never be taken lightly. They
live a lifestyle of pure love for the genre, respecting and
understanding its basic tenets, living as lifers, representatives of
what they see as an important tradition. They cut their teeth together
in 'The Spaceshits', a lightning fast rock'n'roll band formed in 1995
(dead in 1998), and toured and paid dues since, sacrificing their
mind, bodies, souls, friends, family... All for love.

King Khan went on to underground hero status in many projects,
shocking and impressing tastemakers in need of tangible image-icons,
worldwide. Mark Sultan is criminally overlooked in comparison, but is
often heralded for his incredible voice and top-tier songwriting --
rarities, today. Quite simply: they need one another, like yin and
yang, to make it all happen. The band has managed to continue to
release top-grade material for over 10 years, without bowing to
business, succumbing to what's 'hip', without changing. They do what
they want, take it or leave it. Love em or hate em, but never say they
can't write a great rock'n'roll song -- and back it up with one of the
best, most magickal, energetic, crass and nonsensical free-form live
shows going.

They care so much that they don't give a fuck.
Upchuck is band based out of Atlanta formed in 2018. The sound has been developed by pulling from influences in punk, garage, psychedelic, and doom.