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The High Divers
Out of Hilton Head Island, the band members played in various entities,
including multiple cover and original bands in their youth, but wouldn’t
link up as a proper collective until 2014. With Mary Alice calling upon her
classical piano training, she would seamlessly add a whole new element
that would perfectly compliment Luke’s songwriting sensibilities, where her
gifts have never been more suited. Her voice, a force of its own, is a perfect
counter-balance to Luke’s woody timbre.
Mary Alice and Luke tied the knot two years ago, and that romantic
entanglement allows the band to display even more heart and tremendous
amounts of sacrifice. “Being married and out on the road can be
challenging, but we make a good team and have a good support system in
place. We are each other’s creative counterpoint, and we’re constantly
working. We have to remind ourselves to try and have a day off every now
and then, to do normal ‘married couple’ things.”
Ride with You was born out of struggle, but across these six tracks, there
emerges warmth, love, understanding, and freedom. “Having to do the
thing you’re most afraid of for your job is hard. We're a little more nervous
than we used to be driving from city to city. It’s really put touring into
perspective for us. We always took it seriously, but now, it’s much more so.
We always hold it in higher regard,” says Luke. Mary Alice chimes in, “We
try to give it our all onstage because it’s like...what if I don’t get to do this
The High Divers have never sounded better. Even as they are forever
haunted by that fateful day, their spirits are intertwined together in a
powerful new way. This new EP then underscores their courage,
determination, grit, and ability to forge an even brighter future against all
odds. Working with Vaden as a producer helped them find a sound that
they are excited to share as they continue to tour the country.
“Working with Sadler was one of the highlights of our creative lives, and his
ability to cut through the bullshit and get at the heart of the song was so
refreshing. This is some of the best work we’ve done as a band, and Sadler
was there in the trenches with us the entire time
Cicada Rhythm
Andrea DeMarcus had just graduated from Juilliard, and she didn’t know what to do. “Juilliard wanted you to have a certain kind of sound… I wasn’t interested in playing just for the money or because it would look good on my resume.” She returned from New York to Georgia, and started writing songs on guitar. But the classically trained bassist was critical of her early writing and make-do guitar playing. That’s when a disheveled vagabond of a guitar player hopped off a freight train and into her life.

Dave Kirslis had been at a crossroads of his own; the musical projects he was involved in weren’t giving him a “big enough palate” for the way that his songwriting was evolving. Feeling directionless, he’d taken to riding freight trains in search of the quintessential American adventure. One day, rumpled and covered in soot, he jumped off a train near the house of a friend, where he met a wide-eyed and skeptical DeMarcus. “I could tell by her eyebrows that… well I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight.”

Despite the shaky first impression, the two soon found themselves spending a lot of time together. Kirslis had found someone who could understand and respond to his new song writing, and DeMarcus had found someone who could encourage hers and take the role of guitar player, allowing her to return to her preferred instrument. And secretly, in the back of both of their minds, they thought that maybe they’d found something more. Though their musical backgrounds couldn’t be more different – Kirslis taught himself roots music, while DeMarcus had mastered music theory and the nuances of counterpoint at Julliard – they shared a sense of what music should be about.

Four years later, Cicada Rhythm’s self-titled album meanders through folk, rock, Americana, and further afield, but this shared sense of what makes music powerful binds all of the songs together. At the center of their appeal is the mystery of how the interplay between two different sounds – whether it be the spirited finger-picking of guitar dancing over the rising swell of the bass, or their voices layering into sweet harmony – fills the space in between with meaning. In Cicada Rhythm, this space is explored with a fervent intensity that is belied by the effortless elegance of the arrangements.
Tedo Stone
With a sound that has drawn comparisons to Alabama Shakes, Dinosaur Jr. and at times Neil Young, Tedo Stone’s live show is one not to miss. Tedo was born to play rock and roll. Growing up in a family with a musical father and where brothers handed down bass guitars to younger siblings like old sweatshirts, Stone was fronting a band and playing in motorcycle bars around his hometown of Covington, Georgia, when he was 12 years old. While hanging out in Athens, Georgia and playing with the endless array of talented young musicians there, Stone realized his songs were sounding different live, evolving with a mixture of wailing guitars and raw emotion. Tedo Stone's highly anticipated third full length studio album, Summer Sun, will be released in November 2017 on Laser Brains.