November 27, 2019 | doors at 9:00pm
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Triple Ds presents:
Vincas | Hot Wives
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You would think that because only about 60 miles separate the cities of Athens and Atlanta, Georgia that maybe the same sphere of influence would affect both. In the past decade, Atlanta has seen the growth of a creatively sustainable music scene, and we sort of forgot about our neighbors up the road. There is no shortage of great bars, restaurants and clubs in Athens, but it's been a little while since an Athens band made me want to jump in my car and make the trip. Vincas have given me that much needed excuse. Blood Bleeds is a monster of a record. They are playing dark and heavy songs that at once will draw Birthday Party and Gun Club comparisons. I'd bet they have some later Scientists records in their collections too as there is a discernible element of swampishness weaving itself throughout the record. It's sexy in a super-bitter dark chocolate kind of way and has a pounding cohesiveness throughout. Vincas demonstrate total control from start to finish, and it's pretty clear that they didn't just stumble onto a style of music like this. We truly hope the folks over in Athens realize what they've got on their hands.
Hot Wives
"HOT WIVES songs are simple and straight forward – until they caterwaul into a freeform tangle of noise and percussion. But keeping it simple is the key. Underneath a layer of brutally distorted low-end and buzz-saw guitar is always a simple repeated phrase stolen from something that seems like it should be immediately familiar. The way the repeated phrases sometimes surface and dive back down under the noise creates a real tension."

"The band’s most recent release on Blood Drunk Records was recorded and mixed by Dan Dixon (WHORES, Big Jesus, Biters, PLS PLS, Dropsonic). EAT YOUR ENEMIES is six massive, unbridled tunes that were recorded in a day and a half with the intent of capturing the energy of the band’s live performances."