September 7, 2019 | doors at 9:00pm
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At long last, SUBSONICS have descended again upon the denizens of the steamy rock’n’roll jungle with their first album in seven years, "In the Black Spot" (Slovenly Recordings 702-112)! The Subsonics have been called the "Best band in Atlanta" by fellow Georgians BLACK LIPS and for good reason: previous works by this beatnik, noir-punk careen machine have left indelible marks, or black spots if you will, on the psyche of big-bam-boom-shang-a-lang rockers the world over during their nearly two-decade tenure. This new album brings more of singer Clay Reed's petulant, masculine-feminine vocals and surreal lyricism, shaken up with his signature garroted guitar, Buffi Aguero’s inventive, incessantly churning drumming, and Rob Delbueno's (Man, or Astroman?) rolling basement bass. On this latest spin, previously unwritten, yet eerily familiar, melodies ("Lime-Lime" and "Miracle Worker") echo in the catacombs of America's soul and ring throughout with a childish enthusiasm, like a funky delinquent's budget bubblegum album. What we really have here is an obsessive, detached drop-in to an after-hours opium den, where Super-8 movies are projected onto a soiled sheet, and the soundtrack is undeniably Subsonics.
Midnite Snaxxx
Over the course of the last decade, the identity and sound of MIDNITE SNAXXX has contorted a few times over: too punk for garage turkeys, too pop for the spikey set, too trad’ for the freaks. This Oakland, CA combo has always strived to combine sharp punk with cool power-pop, be it through heart-tugging odes or 90-second chargers, and they’ve succeeded in carving out their own niche in punkdom. Set to release their 3rd album via Slovenly Recordings in late 2019, Midnite Snaxxx are currently playing their finest, punkest and most forward-thinking material to date.