October 24, 2019 | doors at 8:00pm
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Zero Mile presents:
Curt Castle | The Vangas
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Miss June
Miss June is what happens when angst matures. Raised in the embers of punk rock,
Miss June harness jagged, noisy guitars filtered through the unrivalled stage
presence of frontperson Annabel Liddell, unafraid, unapologetic and ready to wake
up the music scene.
Described as “some unholy union between Sonic Youth and Le Tigre” the NZ four
piece, completed by the music school alumni recruited by Liddell – guitarist Jun
Park, bass player Chris Marshall and drummer Tom Leggett – has built a
reputation for fierce, formidable and head-spinning live shows.
Miss June have caught the attention of acts like The Foo Fighters, Shellac, Wolf
Alice, Idles and Die! Die! Die!, who have all eagerly harnessed their support on
Combining elements of post-punk, no-wave and rock, Miss June hold close their DIY
roots while creating a blistering, reckless sound full of melodic hooks and overdriven
riffs that are at once immediately recognizable and yet entirely their own.
Miss June are fast growing into a force to be reckoned with. Miss June demand
attention. There has never been a better time for Miss June to make noise. Get in
now. Or miss out.
New Single “Best Girl” out on May 31st.
Curt Castle
This is a band of real human people that plays a bunch of songs that have come out of being alone and singing / shouting things into the air around us. We're working on our first album of those songs. We hope at least one of them means something to you and helps you feel connected to a world that may seem increasingly confusing.