October 15, 2019 | doors at 8:30pm
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Triple Ds presents:
Mirth of Moon
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Juan Wauters
The pleasure of finding something new in what we already know. The strange face of someone close. The outsider we all carry inside. The unexplored path in our usual location. A secret, a hiding place, a surprise. This is what Juan Pablo brings us. He’s the persona that Juan Wauters embodies to tell another side of his story. Not long ago, Wauters released La Onda de Juan Pablo, an album that allowed him to reinvent himself and start writing a separate chapter in his exciting career. Now, as a companion and as a prequel, he releases Introducing Juan Pablo.

Introducing… is a bit timeless: at the time the album was made, Wauters left it on stand-by. That’s why its title emphasizes it origin: to present Juan Pablo and, simultaneously, to reveal his inner journey. Wauters explains, “The album was written and recorded before La Onda de Juan Pablo. At that time, I was away from an audience. When I finished it, I didn’t release it. I wasn’t ready to go out and play it live. In fact, I didn’t want to play live at all. I was going through an introspective moment. Then everything changed when I made La Onda….” Juan recalls the need to rethink himself: “I’d been recording and playing live continuously, without pausing to think what it really means to be a solo artist. I looked inside myself and, at the same time, I tried to see myself from the outside.”
Mirth of Moon
Mirth of Moon is the current solo project of Atlanta musician/producer Jake Thomson (Breathers, Wowser Bowser, Semicircle). Drawing inspiration from the playful, sardonic songwriting of Steely Dan, Gary Wilson, and Todd Rundgren - as well as Yellow Magic Orchestra's calculated blend of electronic and acoustic instrumentation - Thomson attempts to establish a link between the inherent anxieties of a social media-obsessed society and the perpetual need to fill our ears with any and all forms of sound.