October 31, 2019 | doors at 8:00pm
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Masquerade presents:
Dead Neighbors | Eager Lungs
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  • $15
Dead Neighbors
Their self-titled debut album was recorded in a bedroom in Athens, GA.
Eager Lungs
In 2016, Los Angeles singer/songwriter Eddie Gonzalez found himself starting a new life in the unfamiliar territory of Atlanta, GA. Struggling to find work in his new home, Gonzalez took at a moving company to make ends meet. One day during a move, he found himself browsing the record collection of recent Chicago transplant and bassist Brian Albertz (it turned out to be his wife's records). They quickly became friends, and Gonzalez knew Albertz was going to be essential in starting his new musical journey. Finally, in July 2016, EAGER LUNGS completed their lineup with Josh Blankenship on guitar and Will Drew on drums. The band quickly hit the ground running with songs Gonzalez had compiled since 2011, and soon started collaborating on new material, as well as playing live shows in the Atlanta area. In June of 2017, EAGER LUNGS released their first E.P, entitled "Can't Control", 3 songs of 90's inspired post-hardcore with emotional lyrics based on Gonzalez's life experiences, over a backdrop of distorted guitars and pounding drums. Shortly after this release, Josh Blankenship relocated to Florida, ending his time with the band. Gonzalez, Albertz, and Drew decided to carry on EAGER LUNGS as a trio, and are looking to continue playing shows and recording