November 21, 2018 | doors at 8:30pm
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Triple Ds presents:
The Villain Family
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Grand Prize Winners from Last Year
Rising from the clubs of Atlanta Georgia, 'Grand Prize Winners From Last Year' are busting down the doors of the pop scene with their avant-garde songwriting and electrifying live show. The band has completed work on their debut album (Available July 18th, 2009 on Itunes) that combines Believe's bubbly arrangements and poppy guitar work with K. Slaughter's thumping hip hop drums and percussion which are then backed by Whiteshoes Blue on bass grooves and trumpet. Add to this the polished synths and trombone hits from Platipus Jones and you get a musical catalogue boiling over with uber-memorable tunes. Their sound has been compared to "Outkast meets Green Day" and with standout tracks like "When You're Not Around" don't be surprised if you soon find 'Grand Prize Winners From Last Year' at the top of the pop charts and beyond.

The band itself was formed in early 2007 when four multi talented musicians and songwriters came together with one plan in mind, to be different. "We don't think that we are better than any other band in any way - we just feel that we can bring a unique experience to the modern day music show by experimenting with ideas and visuals on stage." With such a diverse and competitive music scene in Atlanta right now, 'G.P.W.F.L.Y.' has successfully managed to carve their own path and set their self apart from the pack, developing a dedicated and loyal following in the process. "We know we have to earn every fan we get and the best way to do that is to blow people's minds."

Along with capturing the hearts and minds of concert goers, the band also has plans for catching the attention hardcore music critics in general by producing a high quality sound in their material. Each member has extensive knowledge and years of experience to boast when it comes to the recording studio. In addition, several band members hold degrees in music from prestigious universities. "We know how to write, arrange, and record a good song – from the technical ins and outs to capturing the raw emotion of the performance." With a debut album in the works, 'G.P.W.F.L.Y.' is putting all that past knowledge to use while attempting to create a new sound that will win over audiences around the world and, in turn, translate to their long term success in the music industry. It is indeed their combined technical know-how coupled with an awesome and energetic live performance that makes 'G.P.W.F.L.Y.' the total package.

'Grand Prize Winners From Last Year' is definitely the band to watch in the near future. They are performing relentlessly and acquiring a diverse fan base with their explosive sound and presentation. Young and old alike will not be able to resist their charm, humor, and refreshing musical flavor - and why should they? 'Grand Prize Winners From Last Year' are, by design, the ultimate crowd pleasing act.
I Want Whisky
Born from the punk shows of Atlanta basements in 2006, I Want Whisky has brought the Southern musical traditions of bluegrass, old-time, blues, and country and punk together with the energy that only such a combination could birth. Since then, the band has released a 45-record and a slurry of boot-leg audio and video recordings of varying quality, and has been honored with some prominence in Atlanta's live music scene. Whether its at the annual Homebrew Hootenannies; St. Patrick and Kentucky Derby parties at Mac McGee; or on the dim and smokey stages of Atlanta's bars and basements, I Want Whisky has earned a reputation for bringing people loud, fast, rebellious Southern music.

The Villain Family
The Villain Family is not your run of the mill band. Heavy on banjo, ukulele and country twang the Atlanta, GA group offers up bluegrass heavy on soul and with an indie sensibility. Chief songwriters Lawson Wright and Rachel Simpson use clever lyrics and catchy melodies on their debut album, Southern Lovers, putting together a batch of tunes that deal with life, relationships and manatees. On each song, Simpson’s sweet voice is cradled by the soulful rhythms created by Wright (banjo, dobro, guitar), Bearded Mike (piano), Douglas Rolph (bass) and Earl Judd (drums) creating a sound that will make your ears happy.

The album wastes no time getting your foot stomping with the tune “If I Knew The Words”. Wright’s masterful banjo playing drives this song and sets the table for the rest of the record. Using cooking as a metaphor for a love/hate relationship, “The Line Cook Song”, may be the best song on the album, offering up some of their best lyrical output. Other songs such as “Southern Lovers”, “Yuma” and “Waitin’ In Vain” highlight their ability to craft music chock full of bits and pieces of soul, bluegrass, country and pop. They also show their whimsical side with the humorous tune “The Manatee Song”, a short sweet tune about manatees. It is a nice change up on the album.

-Chris Martin/ The Examiner