August 15, 2018 | doors at 8:30pm
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Triple Ds presents:
Twisty Cats | Muted
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Channeling 50 years of hard rock heritage, Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser deliver with heavy shredding and posi vibes. Currently based out of Miami, DeGreaser are dedicated to spreading the shred worldwide.

"DeGreaser is a band hardly afraid to tow the line between Judas Priest metal and pop punk, a music blend that may chafe some folks." - No Reccess Magazine

Formed in 2014 amidst the dirt and frenzy of Boston’s electric DiY community, DeGreaser is the unruly lovechild of one Ben Katzman, a self-trained shredder with deep roots in Miami’s metal scene yielding an undying love for KISS, Van Halen and the Ramones. Playful yet earnest, DeGreaser celebrates the rock and roll ethos but with a dedication to the core belief that you can only be cool by being yourself. Mix in an obsession with astrology, cults, soaring guitar solos and all things John Travolta, and you have yourself a potent cocktail of rippin’ good times.

Bouncing around between New York, LA, Miami and Boston, DeGreaser has always stayed true to their mission of promoting their ’chilling hard’ attitude. The band has toured and played shows across the U.S. with La Luz, Mannequin Pussy, Guerilla Toss, White Fang, Colleen Green, Tall Juan and countless other fellow shredders.
Glove is a New Wave, Synth, Rock n Roll band from Tampa, FL. You can hear stripped down influences of Devo, B-52's, Gary Numan and Talking Heads. Their catchy synth and guitar leads are supported by kraut-rock driven drums and bass.
Twisty Cats
Comprised of PETER MAVROGEORGIS and BLAKE OLMSTEAD, Twisty Cats are an electro-punk rock band who marry the soul and swagger of The Cramps and some early New York City grit to the seductive throb of their primitive rhythm machine.

Founded in the late-night afterparty scene, the duo had their respective hands in the NYC music scene for a number of years. When Peter wasn't in the studio recording the likes of The National or Sharon Van Etten, he busied himself touring the world as guitarist for Tav Falco's Panther Burns, and his own band Bellmer Dolls. All this, while Blake hustled the New York City fashion industry, and moonlit as a DJ in the NYC Lower East Side haunts.

The couple moved to Savannah to "see what was there"; and there, immersed in the thick, heady atmosphere of that southern gothic relic, the Twisty Cats found their element, wrote, and recorded during the the late downtime hours at their recording studio/venue, "Dollhouse Productions"

The duo popped back up to NYC for well-received live appearances at the EV hotspot Berlin, in and around Brooklyn, Atlanta, and a host of other EC cities. Twisty Cats just completed their first EU outing having shared dates across Italy with Bilbao, Spain's glitterati Capsula and followed by solo dates in France. The band plans to return to Europe mid September to support their upcoming LP.