September 10, 2018 | doors at 8:00pm
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Slow Parade
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Israel Nash
Texas’ genre-bending rock ‘n’ roller Israel
Nash presents his latest long play, Lifted. It is
a modern day hippie-spiritual, a tonic for those
needing to put aside the mess of the daily
grind. With luscious beds of strings, horns and
well adorned towering walls of sound, Lifted
finds Nash continuing his tradition of creating a
sonic experience of feeling that is at once both
vast and intimate - soaring and untamed at
times, placid and sincerely personal at others.
Originally from the Ozarks of Missouri, Israel
Nash has made his home in Dripping Springs,
Texas for the greater part of a decade. There,
on his ranch with sweeping views of the Texas
Hill Country, the tall, hirsute mountain man
built his own studio; a Quonset hut structure he’s dubbed Plum Creek Sound. The studio
became a sanctuary, a creative outlet where Nash reached a meditative state of escapism,
which ultimately became the inspiration behind Lifted. The creative process of writing,
recording and producing Lifted allowed Nash to leave his own downhearted feelings about the
political landscape of the recent elections and the deeper queries of purpose and life that
supersede the material world. Nash wrote and recorded Lifted with the intention of achieving a
sonic experience that will elevate the listener - that the feeling of peace, love and happiness
which saturates the words and music can provide the same escape he achieved while creating
the LP.
Being able to finally use Plum Creek Sound to its utmost, Nash incorporated found sounds and
field recordings from his Texas ranch to create a setting of the sounds that represent his Hill
Country life. Drums played in rain collection tanks, water rushing against the limestone, frogs
and crickets in their habitats, and even a curious, yet guarded rattlesnake, all appear throughout
the record. Inspired by methods pioneered by John Cage, Nash also randomized sounds and
music and rearranged them according to the I Ching (The Book of Changes). Utilizing these
recording and tracking techniques help create a sonic and very present picture of Nash’s home
and his life. Accompanied by his longtime band, with arrangements by Jesse Chandler (Mercury
Rev, Midlake), horns by members of Austin’s cumbia/funk compadre’s Grupo Fantasma, and
strings from Kelsey Wilson and Sadie Wolf of indie pop’s Wild Child, Nash, alongside coproducer
and engineer Ted Young (Kurt Vile, The Rolling Stones), presents an album that soars
as a masterwork of American roots songs, meticulously crafted and gently sprinkled with life
meaning and multi-hued rock and psychedelia.
“It’s all about finding, searching for little sparks of inspiration. It may be a sound, a groove, a
color, or even an object. Old things are inspiring. Whatever it is, when you find it, it spreads like
a conflagration that is out of your control. It doesn’t matter if you’re making a record or living
your life, find these inspirations with a vigil eye and watch them change both you and your
Lifted opens with an extended instrumental introduction, preparing the listener to get
comfortable and settle in for the journey ahead, before blossoming into “Rolling On.” It’s a
manifesto, a hearty breath of rock goodness, clean air for all that follows. A sing-along anthem
of urgency, encouraging one to let go of yesterday and spring from the traps of worry in order to
move onward and upward - rolling on, right here and right now.
“It was a simple message to myself, to not get stuck in thinking and the past. It’s too easy for us
to worry about pretty much everything. I had been down and low for a bit and really had to sing
and write those feelings away, give them to the moment and find a better self in the end.”
What follows is an Americana-bred opus without equal. From the familial harmonies of “Sweet
Springs,” recalling the Beach Boys at their most joyous (almost all performed by Nash himself),
to the country rock riffage of “Lucky Ones” and “SpiritFalls” conjuring up that much needed
healing, to the album ending “Golden Fleeces,” a sunshine laden song offering up sweet relief
from those troubles and tying the preceding up with a sense of lightness and much needed joy.
By immersing oneself in Lifted, one can see Nash succeeds in a way that’s exquisite yet
spiritually satisfying. Nash welcomes you to join him on his uplifting path - one he’s taken
throughout his career, now continuing on a higher, imaginative plane. May your ears be blessed
and may your soul be lifted.
Slow Parade
Slow Parade is Atlanta/Athens musical collective headed up by songwriter Matthew Pendrick. Born and raised in Decatur, Georgia, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Matthew Pendrick came up during a creative heyday in one of the south's small town artistic meccas. Slow Parade melts the song-forward writing sensibilities of a century of American music to a sonic pallet which splatters reverb drenched feedback over cowboy chords like a cool blade through hot mud.