January 6, 2018 | doors at 8:00pm
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Ohmpark presents:
Dot.s | Karaoke | Flamingo Shadow | Beije | Kenito | Sister Sai | Lois Righteous | Sister Wife
Beloved festival that takes place between The EARL & 529
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Shantih Shantih
Shantih Shantih is a rock-n-roll band founded in Atlanta, GA in 2013. Their sound is characterized by hypnotic harmonies and lysergic guitar solos that play over fuzzed out melodies and mesmerizing beats. Shantih’s rock n’ roll is influenced by southern gothic images and rural Italian landscapes, creating vivid, yet melancholic narratives.

Their first full length will be out May 20, co-released by Italian label, Wild Honey Records and U.S. label, Dusty Medical Records. Shantih Shantih will then hit the road to promote the album in the United States and later in Europe.

Shantih Shantih finished their first LP "Winter in September" (recorded by Peter Furgiuele of Gringo Star) and debuted their second single in October 2015 for Adult Swim’s annual singles compilation.
Material Girls
"Not much information exists about recently-formed Atlanta band Material Girls, and the group likes it that way. The six-piece outfit featuring members of Slang, Concord America and Chief Scout debuted in late 2016 with just 33 copies of a lathe cut 7-inch record, sharing only one song online via a conspicuously sparse Soundcloud channel. The first single, “Drained,” tantalized with spooky sleigh bells, jangly piano, braying horns, and deep, moody vocals reminiscent of Ariel Pink and Leonard Cohen. It was a promising track, and for listeners left wanting more, there was almost nothing to be found. Today Material Girls tease the internet a bit more, releasing the B-side of the record with CL’s premiere of “Tightrope.” Though the dark vocals and signature trumpets and saxophones remain, the song reveals a jauntier and more sardonic tone. The energetic bass and spoken-word lyrics (“I ask for advice / I fuck it up twice”) evoke influences ranging from the Talking Heads to Ought."
Just a couple'a war-torn hambone'd terraformed slow poke silver backed hard hittin rimmed up bow throwin' brabble crammin' snaggle toothed cripple dicked butt touchin' cold cut sammies lookin for love in all the wrong places.
Sister Sai
My name is Saira (pronounced sī’ rǝ), and I am a multi-instrumentalist, visual artist, and librarian living in Decatur, GA. My life experiences are a very unusual hodgepodge that feed what feels like a constant identity crisis. I try to resolve that crisis through my music and art, and in this way, my work entails influences from my desi heritage, a tumultuous spiritual journey, a very unfocused intellectual curiosity, and the lessons I have learned from love and loss. In addition to solo work, I also record and perform with 10th Letter.
Lois Righteous
Lois Righteous grinds out fast-paced low-fi punk tracks thick with fuzzy guitar and a riot grrl ethos. This Atlanta trio rocks party anthems and love songs along with feminist calls-to-action. Raise your Highlife to the dismantling of the patriarchy.