December 30, 2017 | doors at 9:00pm
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Suno Deko | Half | State | Palmlines
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Dot.s is an endeavor to take "dance music" far from where it comfortably rests in its current, popular state. We venture to challenge the status of an art form that began as something primal and turned into something calculated and boring and kinda depressing. Drums, bass, and synthesizers rest in the center of our five-piece arrangement, followed by whatever auxiliary instrumentation feels cozy on top of that. We hope to give you something that is as fun and refreshing as our collective ideology: that sounds can prove-ably change the way people act, and should, thus, be made with obsessive care.

"There might not be a name or genre for what Dot.s are doing with their music, but Jellyfiss seems to do the same thing a Talking Heads album would do: advance dance music to a place that feels more organic, more exciting, and, ultimately, more lasting than most music from the genre. Dot.s create music with a clear personality, which is something not only lacking in dance music, but most music in general." -Sean Zearfoss, Immersive Atlanta

"Press play on "Down Goes the Elephant," the latest, 12-minute opus from electronic pop outfit Dot.s, and a virtual universe unfolds, complete with fugue-like changing parts, and a roller coaster ride of emotional states. The song is a semi-operatic departure that finds the group reaching new highs in both composition and collaborative synergy. The Atlanta Philharmonic warms up the intro, setting the mood and establishing a palette for a colorful and propulsive departure for Dot.s. While there are similarities to the music heard throughout previous efforts Jellyfiss and We Swim, "DGTE" comes together on a grand scale in terms of both concept, arrangements, lyrics, and even its artwork." -Chad Radford, Creative Loafing

"Recorded with Damon Moon at Standard Electric Recorders Co., 'Rose Lens' unfurls in steady waves, each atmospheric pulse and burbling groove striding confidently into the next. Yet, despite its swaggering self-assurance, the track finds the band working in a darker mood than in the past, confronted by the dread of isolation, fallible memories, and the silent voices that keep us awake at night. Still, the vibe here is more meditative than dreary, more coming to terms than a statement of disillusion. Throughout it all, the methodical beat and throbbing ambience thrust inexorably forward, shrouding any thoughts of gloom in a shimmering haze of brooding electropop. Life is still full of wonder, after all, even if it isn’t always pretty." -Guillermo Castro, Immersive Atlanta
Suno Deko
Suno Deko is the solo experimental-pop project of Atlanta poet and musician David Courtright. Derived from the Hindi words for listen (suno) and look (deko), the project was conceived in late 2009 while David was living in New Delhi, India, working as an archivist and studio assistant for a lauded Indian figurative painter. Mistaking the words for terms of endearment, he found the words returning to him as they began to represent the wider themes of detachment and alienation that are often endemic to living in a new place alone, but doubly served as reminders to be present, open, and attentive. After India, he returned to Atlanta, becoming involved in various musical projects and writing poetry. By late 2012, David had turned his focus back to the vision of Suno Deko that had been ruminating in the back of his mind since India, and began working to realize it for what it is today: a solo, multi-instrumental, loop-based project based in experimentation and orchestral layering that weaves the sonic and the poetic into simple but potent statements on mortality, the physical body, love, vulnerability, and dreams. Working almost architecturally, he builds the songs live, starting often with a rhythmic foundation, then adding guitar, synth, violin or vocal parts to create a dense and kinetic aural landscape. His debut release is the four-song Thrown Color EP, set for release digitally and with two selections on 7” vinyl in late June on Berlin-based Stratosfear, a label curated by No Fear of Pop, and for limited cassette release on Life Like Tapes. The EP was recorded and mixed at The Cottage in Atlanta by Luciano Giarrano, and mastered by Warren Hildebrand of Foxes in Fiction in New York.