October 7, 2017 | doors at 2:30pm
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Project Pabst presents:
The Powder Room | Illegal Drugs | Glare | DiCaprio
Late show:

Withered: 12:00-
Difference Machine:11:00-11:40


Gentleman Jesse: 5:30-6:15
Illegal Drugs- 4:40-5:10
Glare: 3:50-4:20
DiCaprio: 3:00-3:30
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Formed in 2003, Withered set out to explore darker aspects of humanity and attempt to exemplify unbridled truths about human nature. From the exploration of coping with tragedy to theoretical philosophical approaches, Withered continue to push their boundaries of perception into a realm of solitude and raw introspective discovery through a maelstrom of classic death metal, atmospheric black metal, and doom metal textures within a progressive mindset. “Withered is a tool for us to isolate ourselves in a place of creation and discovery and has proven to be a near limitless medium with great reward.”. As of 2013, They've released a demo in 2004 and three full length albums - Memento Mori (2005 - Lifeforce), Folie Circulaire (2008 - Prosthetic), and Dualitas (2010 – Prosthetic). Withered strive to progress with each creative effort while embracing the timeless roots of classic extreme music.

-2003 – Withered was formed as a concept by Chris Freeman and Mike Thompson. They brought in Wes Kever (drums) and Greg Hess (bass) to complete the lineup and to create Withered’s bull dozer of a rhythm section. They immediately wrote 5 songs that were recorded (3 of which were released on their self titled demo).
-2004 – Began performing live and toured the US east coast extensively.
-2005 – Withered signed to Lifeforce records and released “Memento Mori” in September. It was very well received by critics and fans. Was honored with the 4 spot on decibel magazine’s top 40 list as well as making many other year end lists and receiving high praise in reviews and articles. The release was followed up with a UK tour supporting Mastodon & High On Fire in December.
-2006 – The US touring cycle began with a string of successful east coast and Midwest tours supporting Dismember, Grave, and Vital Remains in October. Immediately following the tour, Wes & Greg both left the band. They had both started new families causing their focus to be needed elsewhere.
-2007 – Early in the year, Withered’s rhythm section was replaced with Mike Longoria (bass/noise/atmosphere) and Beau Brandon (drums). Both had collaborated on numerous projects for over a decade. Their history and uncanny approach to rhythms has proven to be one of the most unique and formidable rhythm sections in extreme metal today. Regional touring began almost immediately and they started work on their 2nd full length between tours with Skeletonwitch & Zoroaster.
-2008 – Entered the studio in February to record “Folie Circulaire” with producer Phillip Cope (kylesa, baroness, black tusk). The album was released in late June and also received high praise throughout the scene. Withered was once again honored by making many year-end lists and being offered some fantastic touring opportunities. They followed up the release with a full US tour as direct support for Sweden’s Watain.
-2009 – Touring continued and withered was featured at the 1st Scion Festival, the New England hardcore and metal festival, & even the Maryland Deathfest. Withered supported Mayhem, Cephalic Carnage, & Cattle Decapitation in June for a full US tour. In August, they were offered a special mini-tour as direct support for Sweden’s Marduk in the Northeast US. They spent the rest of the year writing for their 3rd full length to be released in fall of 2010.
-2010 - Withered entered the studio with producer Phillip Cope again to record "dualitas" in may followed up by a tour supporting EyeHateGod and Nachtmystium. It was released in the fall to coincide with a US tour supporting Danzig, Possessed, Marduk, & Toxic Holocaust followed up by a tour with friends, Skeletonwitch. Dualitas exhibited the next step in the evolution of withered's sound by incorporating dissonance & added ferocity amongst the hooks and driving song arrangements that take the listener down the path less traveled.
- 2011 - Touring for Dualitas continued with tours along side Krallice, Exhumed, Macabre, & Cephalic carnage. the year ended with the beginning efforts of writing for their 4th full length.
- 2012 - The primary focus has been writing. Withered took a break to tour supporting Marduk & 1349 in the summer, after which, Dylan Kilgore decided to leave the band and focus on his family and other projects in Atlanta.
- 2013 – Early in the year, Mike Longoria left the band. Ethan McCarthy, from Denver’s Clinging To The Trees Of A Forrest Fire, joined on vocals/guitar. Towards the end of the year, writing for their 4th full length was completed and recording began.
- 2014 - Withered performed some headline touring & festival dates before continuing tracking of their next full length. It should be completed by the end of the year.
"These tracks contain a vast, roaring sea of guitar, and after a while you stop thinking about the artists' hands; it sounds as if it's not made by pale, bearded guys from Atlanta but by forces of weather." - Ben Ratliff for The New York Times

"9 out of 10 - Folie Circulaire sounds like a blackened cross between My Bloody Valentine and Morbid Angel." - Rod Smith for Decibel magazine

"With Folie Circulaire , black-metal underdogs WITHERED unleashed the bleakest, most constrictive metal opus Atlanta has seen since Mastodon's Leviathan. Every time the group takes the stage, slow, pulverizing grooves grind,bash and build to a climax of machine gun drums, helicopter head-banging and a bestial growl. While Mastodon was busy cracking the Skye, Withered punched a hole through the earth and reached deep into the bowels of hell to summon an epic, labyrinthine roar. " -
Creative Loafing Best of 2009
The Difference Machine
There are many planes of consciousness, but in the one that we call the here and the now, The Difference Machine are a psychedelic hip-hop group from Atlanta, Georgia. Since 2011, they’ve been at the vanguard of the city’s underground scene, creating gritty, mind-expanding anthems that explore the unifying lines between conscious rap and abstract soundscapes, the dividing wall between the blood-stained realities of twenty-first century urban America and the sublime mysticism of an opaque universe.

The group’s latest sonic attack, The 4th Side of the Eternal Triangle, bumps and soars, breathing additional fire and compositional daring into their already formidable style. Your guide on this stark metaphysical journey is rapper Dustin Teague whose scathing cultural surveys and dimensional truths help give shape to producer Dr. Conspiracy’s warped beats and nuclear mystical trash alchemy. Rounding out the group’s songwriting core is longtime drummer Radley Fricker and DJ Obeah who handles most of the cuts on the record. Meanwhile, Cyrus Shahmir, formerly of psych rock cosmonauts the N.E.C., was recruited to conjure his hallucinogenic atmospheres and shamanistic vibes on guitar and keys. The result of this collaborative effort is a more expansive sound architecture layered in primal energy and head-swimming celestial sophistication.

Having spent the last few years smashing stages all over the U.S. alongside Run the Jewels, Homeboy Sandman, Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge, Deltron 3030, Shabazz Palaces, Chuck D, and fellow Atlanta rebel rousers the Black Lips, the Difference Machine find themselves well-prepared — mentally, emotionally, spiritually — for this moment. Boasting a dozen genre-bending tracks and a string of guests that includes Homeboy Sandman, Curtis Harding, Stacy Epps, and Paten Locke, this is undoubtedly the group’s defining work to date. Both visceral and cerebral, the album is as much a clenched fist to those who would practice hate and intolerance as it is an outstretched hand to those willing to embrace our universal connectedness and the power of the transcendental. In a music culture dominated and defined by an ever-uniforming sameness, The Difference Machine remains a middle finger to the demons of comfort and complacency. This is the stuff of dreams and nightmares, a dynamic and evolutive vibration drifting through the abyss of space. There are many planes of consciousness, but few that feel this urgent and profoundly radiant. Listen with care.

- Guillermo Castro
Gentleman Jesse
The Powder Room
The Powder Room The long, low rumble of “Disappointment” is as good a place to start as any. The lead track from The Powder Room's debut albumCurtains functions as both calling card and warning sign. There's nothing lighthearted about them. There's also nothing extraneous. Each piece is necessary.

And the truth is there's not very many pieces. The three-piece of Gene Wolfolk (guitar/vocals), Bubba McDonald (bass guitar) and Patrick Ferguson (drums) provide everything needed. The past three years have fostered the initial growth spurt for The Powder Room and it's completion of its debut signals the group's next era. Recorded with the estimable Kyle Spence (Harvey Milk) in the band's hometown of Athens, GA the record is a gut punch of noisy sludge that declares its malaise and disgust immediately. Just dig the song titles: “Alcoholics and Meth Addicts”, “Frayed”, “Dead Pet”, et al.
The Powder Room wasn't built for speed and most of its repertoire occupies the mid-tempo, bass heavy area just above doom but well below the goof troop cliché that grunge eventually became. Even so, the band can twist a melody at just the right moment (“Waltz Liquor”) and offer a propulsive, addictive repetition when they really feel like it (“Earthworm”).

They were described in the summer of 2014 as a "Powerhouse trio made up of three rock veterans capable of ripping the throat out of every talking head giving lip service to 1990's nostalgia. The real deal birthed through the triple liquid stew of hardcore punk, hard rock riffage and shoegaze menace; stewed in a brine of nihilism and strained through the grind of the day to day."

-Gabe Vokicka

"Recorded by Kyle Spence of Harvey Milk, it’s nine tracks deep of menacing hardcore and metal that occasionally splinters into a kind of abrasive shoegaze that’s somehow both ambient and aggressive."

Moe Castro- Latest Disgrace
Illegal Drugs
Illegal Drugs is a four piece that formed in fall of 2014. Since then the band has cultivated a loyal Atlanta fan base, and a reputation for loud, energetic shows.

Listening to Illegal Drugs, an audience is quickly captivated by the riff-driven hard rock sounds of the four piece. John Robinson's visceral delivery of catchy guitar leads and vocal hooks shroud the songwriter's cerebral intent to produce catchy, anthemic songs. The energetic, sometimes reckless guitar playing of Joe Hardwick is intrinsically matched with Shane Patrick's forceful, deliberate drum beats and the heavy growl of Tom O'Neill's bass lines. The Atlanta based group is fundamentally rock and roll with influences including post-punk, grunge, and goth-rock. Borrowing from many points on the rock spectrum, Illegal Drugs are at once relentlessly fierce and light heartedly danceable.

Their first full length album is due to be released in early October 2016.
"DiCaprio’s second single, “Return to Babylon,” finds the group embracing the same lean, rhythmic impulses as its predecessor albeit with a hint of greater aggression and tenacity. A few months ago, a colleague asked me what the group sounded like, and I responded with something along the lines of End Hits era Fugazi mixed with Protomartyr, Devo, and maybe some early Spoon. Throw in a tinge of goth bleakness on the vocals, and I think that assessment still applies here. This is a group that’s not afraid to counterbalance brutish stomping and oppressive atmospheres with oddly playful hooks (dark and grim, yes, but lively nonetheless), and it’s that smirking tension between the two that serves as the group’s animating force."

-Immersive Atlanta