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The Sawed Offs
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The Queers
It began as a joke.We were sitting around drinking Budweiser and smoking pot and listening to The Ramones.We only liked two punk bands-The Ramones and Black Flag.We heard The Meatmen one day and decided that we were better than them and we didn't even have a band.I'd been out to the South Bay in LA visiting my brother and seen all the Black Flag graffiti all over the place.It struck a chord in my bosom.We hated the town we lived in-Portsmouth,NH.We'd call ourselves The Queers and spray paint the whole town with our name.We wanted to piss off the art fag community that acted all high and mighty strutting around town like they were better than everyone else there.Even today the town is full of snobs-art fags-posers-metal heads-punk rockers(perhaps the worst of the bunch)-rednecks-we hated them all.I suggested getting heroin to liven up the party that was our life at the time.Greeted by snorts of derision(we still had a few morals at the time-very few) I told my comrades,"Come on you guys.We'd have a riot doing heroin." Tulu immediately wrote the song-"We'd have A Riot Doing Heroin"- in about 30 seconds and we were off.We were deeply inspired by the teachings of the Black Flag TV Party ep and worshipped it as the piece of art it has come to be recognised as today.We also appreciated the way Black Flag dressed on the record sleeve.No well worn leather jackets-studded leather belts and wrist bands and cool ripped tshirts.They looked like they were in the clothes they wore to high school 5 years before.Which was about our speed.We wouldn't be caught dead spending good beer/drug money on the phony accoutrements of every typical punk rocker of the day.Fuck that.It was too fake for us.We did 4 shows.We didn't just think we were the greatest band in the world-we knew it. Alas the sudden success we had-(we'd been offered a show with old pal GG Allin a'fag' from Manchester we'd befriended at a Ramones' show a few years back) went to our heads and we broke up amidst much bickering.Tulu bailed to NYC and we were left with some unrecorded classics and broken dreams.
In the mid 80's I met two good pals in Boston-Hugh O'Neill and JJ Rassler.Hubie and The Razz. They shared a taste with me for the finer things in life-booze, drugs and punk rock. Hubie, Razz and I would comprise the core lineup of The Queers for the next 4 years.We played mainly dives in Boston like The Rat and Chet's in the north end having a particular fondness for the latter.You'd get a contact high just walking in the place.Someone always had something there.STD's-pot-dope-glue-Chet's had it all.God I miss that place!We opened up for The Ramones-Angry Samoans-Dickies to name a few.The list goes on and on.By 1989 we had just about stopped playing.The band was really only an excuse to party like it was 1999 all weekend anyway.
Hubie called one day in late 1989 and suggested getting The Queers back together.We met Bface at a Social D show about this time.We admired his style.18 years old and living at his Mom's.Drinking beer all day and listening to good tunes.He signed on as bass player and we started playing a bit.We used to go to the UNH radio station and help spin records drunk off our ass and heard a great band named Screeching Weasel from Chicago.We saw the song title "I Hate Led Zeppelin" and said we have to meet these jokers.In short order we did meet them and somehow we recorded our 1st official album for Lookout Records called "Love Songs For The Retarded".Produced by Ben Weasel.All of a sudden we started touring the world-got on MTV-in Rolling Stone and Spin Magazine and made some money.It was crazy.We had some great times and some not so great times.Too much partying.We liked our whiskey old and our women young in those days.We played together for about 7 years.Hubie was diagnosed with a brain tumor and passed away in 1998.Bface had had enough of my antics and bailed.
I signed the band to Hopeless Records and got new guys.Hubie had told me to carry on the very last time I spoke to him.Chris Almighty and Dangeous Dave from John Cougar Concentration Camp played for a while with me with different drummers.Dave stuck around for a few years and finally bailed back to SD.Lurch Nobody-Steve Stress-Rick Respectable all drummed here and there.The last two recordings we used Dusty Watson on drums.We met Dusty drumming for Dick Dale when we opened for him Dick at La Luna in Portland. About 4 years ago Phillip Hill from our pals The Teen Idols came along on 2nd guitar.He ended up jumping on bass and we got Dave Trevino on drums.Then dave needed a break so Lurch Nobody aka Dick Disease aka Justin Shaver came back after a 5 year break.That is the lineup now.We are a 3 piece.We will record our next album in March of 2006.We recorded a new album with Lisa Marr and Mikey Last helping at Sonic Iguana.That will be out soon we hope. Tulu and I are hoping to record a new album as The Drunken Cholos soon.We'll see what happens.
The Ataris
The Ataris are four guys crammed into a shitty van, creating words and

music in the basements and dive bars of the world, while young souls

pile into the microphone and spill beer into our effects pedals.

Honest stories and organic sounds, chock full of heart, sincerity and

beautiful mistakes. Played loud and recorded to analog tape.

Sixteen years of traveling the world and five full length studio albums.

The Ataris album "So Long, Astoria" included the singles "In This

Diary" "Boys of Summer" and "The Saddest Song" selling upwards of

850,000 copies, earning the band a gold record.

The Ataris are currently finishing up vocals for their new album

"The Graveyard of the Atlantic"

The album will be released sometime in 2013 on the Gainesville,

Florida label Paper + Plastick. Assuming we all don't die in a Mayan


Thank you. See you all on tour.