April 27, 2017 | doors at 8:30pm
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Gas Hound | Bird Laww
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The Future Babes
The Future Babes is an alternative rock band out of Atlanta, Ga. The 4 members originally met in high school where they began jamming in basements and playing house shows. They have transformed from a base of singer/songwriter style to its own unique sound of a mixture of pop, rock, and jazz. The band has been signed by an indie label, Madison Records out of Atlanta, GA, and has recorded their self-titled debut EP. The band has been touring all throughout the southeast during 2015 and with the release of their EP, the band is ready to begin touring nationally.
Gas Hound
Gas Hound is a blazing cyber wolf, with relentlessly tight and engaging songwriting. The live shows have been compared to sonically re-living landscapes from the Brother’s Grimm, Pale Rider, and Jim Jarmusch’s “Dead Man.” It rumbles like a tumbleweed murder machine, slogging across the arid lands of Moab yet culls longingly to the impermanence of the “Desierto Florido” in Atacama, Chile.

Gas Hound is the desert-inspired gutter folk project of Atlanta-based writer Benjamin J. Davidow (Staff Writer at Immersive Atlanta, Lead Guitarist and Co-Composer of both The Buzzards of Fuzz and Nuncio). The project has a natural ebb and flow which comes from it’s ability to suit a wide variety of listeners needs. It is just as heavy and pleasing acoustically as it can be sweetly destroying with a full five piece band. The live lineup includes the ever cunning singer-songwriter Ethan Fogus on pedal steel and keys, Matthew J. Pendrick on the percussive resonances, Nick Whitson on auxiliary interstellar chromo-tonics, and Chris Pilson on heavy strings.

Gas Hound’s debut EP, The Postman, is set to be released in the Fall of 2016. It was recorded, mixed and produced by Damon Moon of The Cottage Recording Co.
Bird Laww
Bird Laww is an Alternative Pop-Rock band from Atlanta, Georgia. Founding members Logan Webb (guitar, vocals) and Jeff Konzal (guitar, vocals) began writing songs in 2011 when they met through mutual friends. After years of writing and recording demos that were then posted online, they decided to form a band with the addition of Chris Dwight on Bass and Matt Kreisher on drums. They recorded their first self titled EP in 2015, which was both mixed and engineered by Matt Kreisher." They began playing their first shows in the fall of 2015 following the release of their first EP. They are currently working on their second EP which is expected to be released summer of 2016.