April 1, 2017 | doors at 9:00pm
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Triple Ds presents:
The Sunglasses | Mutual Jerk
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Hawks is a band of four. We play shows that become parties. We tackle the toughest issues and tour so you don't have to. Enjoy our labors, make them the topic of your day.

HAWKS have made a respected art of designed carelessness, all rusted strings and chugging groove, honing what has become a finely out-of-tuned craft following in the traditions of labels like Touch and Go, Amrep and Trance Syndicate. Forming in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, mid November 2007, their raw guttural tone and menacing live performances have since given rise to a strong local and regional following. The band has 3 full lengths under its belt : BARNBURNER (2009, Army of Bad Luck), RUB (2011, Trans Ruin / Army of Bad Luck) and PUSHOVER (2012, ex-Amrep alum Learning Curve ((US) / Rejuvenation ((Europe). They have played a shit ton of shows, along side a ton of amazing and sometimes horrible bands. Some of the better ones would include: Floor (toured in direct support), Torche, These Arms are Snakes, Whores., Lo Pan, Blind Shake, Gay Witch Abortion, Russian Circles, Scratch Acid, Coliseum, Young Widows, Man Or AstroMan, Helms Alee, All the Saints, New Brutalism, Weedeater, Poison Arrows, My Disco, Human Eye, Future of The Left, DD/MM/YYYY, Aids Wolf, Thank God, Pygmy Lush, New Brutalism, Lords, Chinese Stars, Red Sparrows, Doomriders, Harvey Milk, Fucked Up , Jeff The Brotherhood, Vaz, Black Skies, Rice, Monotonix, Grids (RIP brothers), Buildings, Pygmy Shrews, Royal Thunder, Fight Amp, Extra Life, Yukon, Calabi Yua, Yard Work, Wizardry, The Coathangers, Fang, Island, High Castle, Shitstorm, Magrudergrind, Café Flesh, Ultracoït, Pord, Silent Front, Electric Electric, etc. In 2013, following there first Europe tour with brothers in arms Café Flesh, the band hurried back into the studio home of long time friend and Harvey Milk drummer Kyle Spence to record a series of tracks that would make their way on to a split 7" with fellow noise stranglers Buildings (Cash Cow Records) and the S/T 7" (RATTALKER / SMILE ((Army of Bad Luck). For 2014, while writing and structuring the newest full length, the band decided to unleash 5 new tracks and 6 previously released tracks on an all new full length, because why the fuck not. The record was recorded in the same room every song has been written. Where every fight has started and ended, where hopes go to die. Check list: 8 microphones 4 cases of beer 2 dime bags 3 bottles of whiskey a carton of cigs a general hate for the youth of today 4 boys 3 blown speakers 10 broken cables mixer tape This was the recipe for what will be their fourth album, plainly entitled "HAWKS", a snapshot of the process and an unfiltered glimpse into the world they create and representing the evolution of what the band has became. Released on a limited vinyl on run of just 250 copies and exclusively released in Europe on Rejuvenation, April 20th 2014, the first date of their new European tour.
Mutual Jerk
Mutual Jerk is two of the scene’s prime movers, guitarist Bobby Michaud (Uniform, G.G. King, Wymyns Prysyn) and drummer Rob Sarabia (Strategic War Heads, ex-Dasher), partnering with singer Tyler Roberts and bassist Samantha Camirand. Post-punk bleakness and hardcore rage rule on the band’s six song demo. The tense interpersonal struggles captured in these songs are sadly as relevant to 20 and 30-somethings as political punk, even in our current global climate.