February 21, 2017 | doors at 8:30pm
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Dude City Productions presents:
A Drug Called Tradition | Cuntry
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Louie Louie
Louie Louie is an all female rock ‘n’ roll band whose sound mixes 60’s soul, vintage rock and post punk. Their sound is at once youthful, mature, powerful and vulnerable. For live performances, Louie Louie utilizes the visual opportunities a stage invites, in part by performing in a growing wardrobe of handcrafted suits. They sing about current issues. They sing about love. They sing about outer space. They sing about humanity. And while very obviously influenced by familiar sounds of the past, they've created something entirely unique and current.

Louie Louie has performed an impressive number of shows since it’s debut in January of 2015, touring the US and Canada as well as appearing at Cropped Out Festival (KT) and Hampdenfest (Baltimore). They’ve shared stages with Olivia Neutron-John, Fred and Toody Cole, The Coathangers, TEEN, Shonen Knife, The Mild High Club, Sheer Mag, Lumpy and the Dumpers, Bill Callahan, The Muffs, Chris Cohen and Amanda X among many others.

Their debut LP Friend of a Stranger was recorded and mixed entirely to tape and will be released via Born Losers Records on February 10, 2017. Their only previous release is a vinyl single titled Out In The Streets via Hidden Volume Records (Baltimore).
A Drug Called Tradition
In their debut album, Medicine Music (out July 28), Atlanta trio A Drug Called Tradition fuses shoegaze, krautrock, and psych rock influences with the heavy atmosphere of their southern roots. The eight-minute opening track, “With You Miss You,” bursts onto the scene with brooding vocals and saturated guitar pulses before breaking and leading the listener on a Can-inspired odyssey of layered intensity and release. This journey continues through the rest of the album, each track seemingly standing on its own before revealing its place in the larger whole.

After the dissolution of heavy psych stalwarts Abby Gogo, singer/guitarist Bon Allinson began working on a batch of songs more heavily influenced by his upbringing in Alabama and by the musical traditions of the South. He brought these songs to drummer Pumakawa “Puma” Navarro (Abby Gogo) and bassist Asha Lakra (Tikka) and the trio hit the ground running. They played their first set opening for Matt Hollywood of Brian Jonestown Massacre and soon after recorded a three song demo with Spencer Garn at Diamond Street Studios. The band gained a reputation as one of the most intense acts in Atlanta and around the South playing with acts such as Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires, Holy Wave, Spaceface, White Reaper, and Froth.

Ready to set the songs they’d crafted to two-inch tape, ADCT headed to Water Valley, Mississippi to record Medicine Music with producer Matt Patton (Drive-By Truckers, Dexateens), and engineer Bronson Tew at Dial Back Sound (owned at the time by Bruce Watson of Fat Possum Records). The band stayed in the small apartment adjacent to the studio, working in marathon sessions that ended in all involved crashing wherever was convenient. The tracks were also mixed and mastered at Dial Back Sound and pressed to vinyl at Gotta Groove Records. Now with their debut album in hand, ADCT has teamed up with Psych Army Intergalactic and are ready to conquer the rest of the U. S. and then the world.