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Lucis Flux
Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Pete DeLorenzo
continues to write and perform songs that hover along the
fringes of Atlanta’s ever changing music scene under the
name Lucis Flux. After 11 adventurous years crisscrossing
the US and Europe and recording with Grammywinning
producer Ben Allen with A Fir-Ju Well/Gringo Star,
he ended his tenure with the band due to physical
problems in April 2012. He continues his Lucis Flux
musical output with the upcoming release of “Til the End of
the Night: The Revill Sessions,” recorded with composer,
engineer, and author, David Revill at the University of
Maryland, Baltimore County. This marks the third release
by Lucis Flux, following the 2015 release of “Illimite’ EP”
and 2014’s “No Weapons Held Against Thee Shall
Prosper.” Musically influenced in the rock and roll tradition
by the likes of Neil Young, The Replacements, and The
Pretenders, DeLorenzo’s songs contribute lyrically a
philosophical mix of the spiritual, social, personal, and
political, vacillating between the anthemic and the
abstractly nuanced. All Lucis Flux songs are available at
Mathis Hunter
Mathis Hunter is a true rock ‘n’ roll journeyman — an Atlanta music renaissance man to some, a Southern rocker of the highest mystical order to others. Somewhere between the post-punk funk of his former band the Selmanaires, and the full tilt boogie of Noot d’ Noot, Hunter reconnected with his roots. On his sophomore solo LP, Countryman, the multi-instrumentalist twists a melange of psychedelic classic rock excursions into the phantasmagoria of the idlewild South. Songs such as “Ley Lines,” “Aquamarine,” and “The Swirl” are built around lush Gibson Firebird, Fender Rhodes, and strange synthesizer arrangements that take shape as the first full flowering of Hunter’s drive toward pop grandeur.

Hunter’s 2010 solo debut, Soft Opening, featured his first forays into heavily layered soundscapes culled from equal parts Summer of Love-era Traffic and the Rolling Stones with ‘90s British rock ala Primal Scream and Storm in Heaven era Verve. Countryman raises the stakes as Hunter steps out as a solo artist once again, with contributions from Frosted Orange/Purkinje Shift drummer Lee Corum, pedal steel, slide guitar, and piano from members of Sailing To Denver, and keyboards from longtime collaborator Rich Morris.

With so many Anglophile influences converging here, there still is something inherently Southern that comes home to roost on Countryman’s title track; a song bound by a looseness and rhythmic fusion that reveals a more exotic side of the South. Glimpses of polychromatic dream sequences scattered throughout take shape as blue-eyed cosmic funk and soul colliding headfirst with Krautrock rhythms and visceral guitar textures. There’s no doubt when all of these elements are amplified, Hunter’s roots form a swelling, and quintessential guitar-oriented space Southern rock opus.