March 9, 2017 | doors at 8:30pm
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A. Rippin Production presents:
Lazer/ Wulf | Michael Myerz
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Captured! by Robots
2 kick ass robots, 1 stupid human. Brutal pummeling music. End of story.
But you wanna read more stupid crap? Ok, idiot human.

C!BR has been touring the world since 1997, playing thousands of dive bars for millions of drunk humans.

In 1996, Jay Vance made the robots because he was extremely unlikeable, and wanted to play in a band after all his past human bands hated him. He got to work. Shortly after, GTRBOT666 and DRMBOT 0110 were born. After a horrible accident involving many drugs and a chemical spill, the Bots became self aware and captured the human, now renamed JBOT. It was decided that they would travel the country, rocking out while bent on world domination and humiliating the masked and chained idiotic human in front of his human peers.

In 2013, a critical point was achieved in robotic/human symbiosis. The Bots over went their sixth upgrade, developing human faces in an attempt to fool the pathetic humans into lowering their guard, not unlike decoys in duck hunting.

Humans are now the hunted! Hahaha!

As well, JBOT’s chains and mask were removed, after 15 years of captivity the chains were no longer needed as they were now chains of the mind, and removal of the mask serves to show how ugly and disgusting the human JBOT really is.

The Bots and JBOT’s relationship has changed, now they are much more united in hating humanity. Stockholm syndrome? Maybe… Or maybe you all just suck really really bad.

C!BR’s newly found united aggression towards humanity has been channeled into fast n loud music, designed to deafen and destroy, to pound and pummel, breaking your bones with brutal tones.

So that’s it. End of story for reals.
But one more thing…
Fuck you, human!
Lazer/ Wulf
To say Lazer/Wulf is on point is an understatement— with each song, the intensity grew and even the most jaded and pretentious of audience members could not help but drop their jaws. The brief silence following the set was an appropriate response to the performance. When the universe aligns and a band pulls off that kind of flawless and crisp congruity, there are really no words." – Flagpole Magazine

It's worth noting that the progressive trio Lazer/Wulf formed in the indie-rock microcosm of Athens, GA, where it was recently named Flagpole Magazine's Band of the Year, and now reside in Atlanta, the state's thrash- and sludge-smeared capital: they're also lodged stylistically somewhere in between. It's hard to place, really: L/W is an instrumental metal trio at its core, or an evil funk group with thrash roots, or an aggro jazz trio with doom issues. Whatever it is, it's not the easiest thing to describe, as the band bridges surprising gaps between genre devotees. Just ask the band's diverse and rabidly devoted following.

Lazer/Wulf continues to expand its already-debatable style with the new Vinyl, Cassette, and Downloadable EP, There Was A Hole Here. It's Gone Now., with the Cassette iteration available for the first time tonight. The art for each cassette was hand-crafted by the band, so that every piece is unique. Inspired by the band's exploration of various abandoned prisons and mental hospitals, this four-song EP is much darker than L/W's previous recordings, and flows effortlessly as one, contiguous piece. You can stream this album, and Lazer/Wulf's previous releases, at
Michael Myerz
BInspired by Chinese Food, Garlic Bread and VHS tapes as well as being a martyr for the downfall of Block Buster and Media Play, Michael Myerz has been putting out music since 2011. With over a dozen albums to his name, Myerz has shown many masks to showcase that he is not just one genre of music. He's not just Hip-Hop or Nerdcore he is a department store of anything you want, not trying to flaunt but really he's the best thing you got for your ears that want to hear something different.