January 30, 2016 | doors at 9:00pm
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Triple Ds presents:
Oak House | Sydney Eloise & The Palms
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Tedo Stone
With a sound that has drawn comparisons to Alabama Shakes, Dinosaur Jr. and at times Neil Young, Tedo Stone’s live show is one not to miss. Tedo was born to play rock and roll. Growing up in a family with a musical father and where brothers handed down bass guitars to younger siblings like old sweatshirts, Stone was fronting a band and playing in motorcycle bars around his hometown of Covington, Georgia, when he was 12 years old. While hanging out in Athens, Georgia and playing with the endless array of talented young musicians there, Stone realized his songs were sounding different live, evolving with a mixture of wailing guitars and raw emotion. Tedo Stone's highly anticipated third full length studio album, Summer Sun, will be released in November 2017 on Laser Brains.
Oak House
The music of Athens, GA band Oak House employs dark tonalities with liberal rhythmic experimentation while featuring driving rock-riffage and pulsing electronic undercurrents. Oak House’s live performances have a track record of being high energy and charismatic. The psych-tinged indie rock of Oak House has brought journalists to draw comparisons to Thom Yorke and Grizzly Bear, as well as Fugazi .

Oak House consists of Gresham Cash (guitar, vocals), Connor Sabula (bass) and Wes Gregory (percussion).

The band’s first release, Plastique Cash, was released in September of 2014. The release garnered positive attention from local press and blog writers, being featured in Athens’ Flagpole’s Top 10 Albums of 2014. Oak House was also awarded Upstart of the Year in the 2015 Athens Flagpole Music Awards.
Sydney Eloise & The Palms
From the opening “Be My Baby”-style drumbeat and retro-modern psychedelic swirls of lead track “Always Sailing,” Sydney Eloise & the Palms’ new debut Faces is searching and bittersweet, a classic-pop meditation from the visionary twentysomething next door. A vivid sonic slide-show carousel of a record, its mix of words and music paint tiny, episodic masterpieces in technicolor.
Sydney Eloise is at once catalyst, vessel and torchbearer. With her close friends and collaborators—co-producers Damon Moon and Chandler Galloway—she spent an entire year building and rebuilding Faces in the studio until it felt just right, the end result a delicate ship in a bottle of Fernet-Branca, a charming contemporary pastiche that draws tastefully from every decade of recorded music since the 1950s, right up ’til the present day. Inside the record’s lush layers of daydreamy sound, you’ll find a musical education—’50s “Earth Angel” balladry, Phil Spector-style Walls of Sound, heady ’60s psych pop, ’70s Laurel Canyon country dusted with post-Beatles George Harrison sonics, unmistakable Fleetwood Mac-isms and crystalline ABBA-style pop, subtle ’80s production flourishes, glistening ’90s-alt country and ’00s indie pop a la Neko Case and Rilo Kiley. Layers upon layers, worlds within worlds—visions of boot-clad go-go girls shimmying in perfect beehive mini-skirt bliss in a snow globe inside of a snow globe inside of a snow globe.