July 3, 2014 | doors at 9:00pm
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Goodnight Buffalo | New Terminus
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Faithless Town
-style guitar riffs, and excellent vocals and choruses.” - Indie Rock Cafe
Hailing from Atlanta, Faithless Town combine singer/songwriter sensibilities with a commitment to genuine, roots rock. Whether you call it alternative rock, Americana or good ole’ rock n’ roll, it’s clear that Faithless Town make music that recalls the best from the American songbook.

Since their inception Faithless Town has headlined at many of Atlanta’s venues and shared the stage with acts such as Manchester Orchestra, Jake Clemons (E Street Band), Drivin’ N' Cryin', Chris Knight, Graham Colton, Rachael Sage, and Connor Christian & The Southern Gothic.

Funded by fans through a successful Kickstarter campaign, their last record, “American Refugee” is sure to become a new American classic. Produced by Dan Dixon (The Constellations, Von Grey, PLS PLS) it contains eight tracks of earnest Rock and Roll with literate, poignant lyrics.
Goodnight Buffalo
It’s a rarer and rarer experience in popular music to find a band that sounds at once emotionally inspired and familiar in a way that feels like home. That Atlanta’s Goodnight Buffalo embodies both of these traits comes through as certain even seconds into any of their songs. Anthemic while also earnest, intimate in a way that fills a room, it seems clear that here’s a band designed to spread its sound over the world.

These aspirations aren’t surprising given any familiarity with the bands’ past. Formed in Atlanta, Georgia by two brothers sharing bands and a love of music since childhood, vocalist/lyricist Brian Kahl and songwriter/guitars/keys Rusty Kahl provide a backbone of steady, intent vision. The steady bass lines of Clint Kahl and driving rhythm of drummer Tom Bruno establish a wise and textured momentum that knows when to ride and when to build. Guitarist Dan Edwards’s melodic, tasteful leads complete the picture of a sound with the largesse of a Coldplay or U2 cut with the warmth of Pearl Jam or Ryan Adams, all boiled down into a lean, organic orchestration bearing a mark of the band’s own.

Having just completed their first full length album and already receiving mainstream airplay on the soundtracks of shows like MTV’s Jersey Shore, not to mention a regularly rising audience in their hometown and abroad, it’s pretty easy to recognize the future of Goodnight Buffalo as one that’s aimed at something wide and bright. Sincerity and will are one thing in pop music, but it’s the rarer sound that treads the nameless place between reminiscence and growing up. Goodnight Buffalo walks that line shrewdly, confidently, in a way you’re not meant to forget.

-Blake Butler
Author “Scorch Atlas,” “There is No Year” & “Nothing: A Portrait of Insomnia”
New Terminus
Jon Sleep and Travis Navarra of New Terminus have known each for an undisclosed period of time, but it's been a while, which shows in the guitar interplay of their songs. Jon also sings.

A few moons ago, Dallas Peavy the drummer, desperate to be in as many bands as possible, joined them, not to be the drummer, but pretend to be the drummer in a movie. He did not find this satisfactory so he muscled his way into the role permanently (and tried to sing as well).

Finally the team (w/ founding bassist Jim Miller) adopted the moniker NEW TERMINUS, partially based on the original name of Atlanta, and released two EP's. The end of 2010 saw the departure of Jim. Supremely Cool bassist Billy Santana joined briefly in 2011 to write some songs and take part in recording for the debut full-length, RED GIANT.

Patrick Finn, of Texas Brit Pop and Black Sundays acclaim, now locks it down on bass and supreme backing vocals.

They are currently crafting the next batch of New Terminus songs. In the meantime, RED GIANT is on, and it is running!